We offer webinars on topics ranging from policy to professional development.

The ISEE Global Education Channel contains many presentations and training videos.

For the most up-to-date information on upcoming webinars (ISEE, ISEE NAC, CAPE, etc), as well as registration information, please visit ISEE’s Sponsored Events page.

Check out some of our past webinars below!

Carol Shreffler, Abee Boyles, and Joan Casey - NIEHS K99/R00 Webinar

Rachel Morello-Frosch - The Haves, have-nots, and the health of everyone: What’s the connection and why it matters for sustainability and environmental justice

Francine Laden and George Thurston - All Things NIH Study Section

Joel Kaufman - A Conversation with EHP’s Editor-in-Chief

Andrea Baccarelli - Time Management

Emily Copeland - Social Media for Scientists

Eve Gartner - Public Comment 101

Amy Kostant- Media Training 101

If you have ideas for future webinars, e-mail or tweet us @ISEE_NAC.